Three For The Road

Three For The Road Bio – Present
Three For The Road is primarily a trio cover group utilizing their very own unique sound and three part harmony to deliver a huge sound for all sizes of audience and venues. Three for the road perform everything from Rock, R&B, Hip Hop, Motown and Country. They can be heard playing live as three vocalists, two who are guitarists and one accompanying percussionist. All three members are from the Cambridge, Ontario area and became mutual friends through other musicians in the area. At many times have filled in for each other in different musical groups or gigs whenever a little musical help was required.
Kevin Cassibo (Vocalist/Guitarist/Keyboards) was introduced to music at an early age and although not brought up in a musical family, he had a huge interest in music. “I was always fascinated with the sounds and how they made you feel”. “The closest thing I had in the family related to music was my grandfather who played a chromatic harmonica” “I remember hearing him play for us as kids and how he picked it up when serving time in the army” “I guess I owe him my first interest in music and will never forget” Kevin began his musical journey at an early age as a guitarist taking music lessons from the Ontario Conservatory of Music. As a result of being quick learner and having the ability to play rather well he was quickly recruited to participate in music competitions for the Ontario Conservatory as band member and part of a combos representing Port Colborne Ontario. Winning award honors only fueled the desire to play music more. His journey continued on playing guitar for High School dances and then upgraded to Street Dances for the community. The bar scene came early and he was playing in his first real band called First Offence while underage. “I can remember playing on stage and being escorted to the dressing room”. “Those were they only places I was allowed to be” Kevin has played in bands such as High Risk, Grandeur, Lock 8 & The Border Line Horns, Six Sense, Ground Floor and the George Hewison Trio. He can be found supporting the local Cambridge Music scene by volunteering and playing for the community as well as performing with Three For The Road.
Dave Savoie (Vocalist/Percussionist) has been a strong player in the Cambridge community since the 70`s. Dave has played in several bands into the 80`s with bands such as Duce, Quake and Brainstorm. Dave`s vocal range is a huge asset for high harmonies and pulling off some very high pitched and difficult lead vocal parts. Without a doubt his contribution to the trio is what makes this trio stand out and allows Three For The Road to perform some eclectic and versatile music. “We want to perform music that not all people would often hear from place to place” We feel with our harmonies and approach that we can offer a unique but full sound that is not common in this area” After a break of 25 years, Dave started to get the urge to start playing again and started to fill in playing drums with local musician Matt Storch and The Usual Suspects. Dave was a member of Six Sense last year and currently now can be found playing in a permanent position playing for Foot Bridge Road at local bars, pubs, restaurants and charity events throughout the area. The highlight for Dave was headlining the local music festival held at Forbes Park Last year. He is also an active volunteer for Cambridge Live Music.
Jason Aplin is definitely no stranger to the Cambridge Music scene. When not performing with Three For The Road he can be found playing at most open mics in the area and is a regular for the monthly jam in Guelph with a wide variety of seasoned musicians. He was a regular for Thursday evenings in the north end of Cambridge with some very talented old friends for many years. Jason was involved heavily with the local band Six Sense that played for a very successful corporate fundraiser dance for Linamar Corporation last year. “I really enjoy playing with Kevin and Dave and being able to sing harmony together” “It is a unique sound that is quite enjoyable to be a part of” His deep and strong lead voice is the final piece that makes Three For The Road a versatile trio. His guitar playing complements the remaining needed sound the trio is known for.
Three For The Road consistently maintains their status as a successful trio on the rise. Still, after a couple years in the music business their primary focus continues to be their integrity as a professional trio. Their motivation is growth and experimentation maintaining a professional sound. Three For The Road`s relentless energy and creative pursuits have helped redefine the meaning of professional musicianship.